Australia&Korea tour'06 PHOTO

   LIVE,1@Melbourn   LIVE,2@Melbourn  LIVE,3@Melbourn 
LIVE,4@Melbourn  LIVE,5@Melbourn   OFF SHOT,1   LIVE,5@new castle  
LIVE,6@new castle   OFF SHOT,2   OFF SHOT,3   LIVE,7@Soobiesta  
LIVE,8@Soobiesta   Turnpike     Turnpike,2   Geena(from rocktiger)

our photo@Australia
Please check it!!!

Our Australia&Korea tour was finished.
The best memorial for us!!!.
Thanks to great organaizer,friends,special food,nice view,and so on...
Special thanks to audience.
We are
looking forward to meeting you again.

We will start recording soonish. JJ(from Limited EX)


Limited Ex Australia&Korea tour'06

Saturday the 8th,July - Brisbane//SOOBIESTA! Festival
Jubilee Hotel
check for more info!!

Wednesday the 12th,July - Newcastle//Hamilton Station Hotel w/Alps
2 Beaumont Street, Islington
Free Show!!

Thursday the 13th,July - Sydney//The Annandale w/The Death Mattel
17 Parramatta Road, Annandale for tickets!!

Friday the 14th,July - Melbourne//Northcote Social Club
301 High St, Northcote for tickets!!

Saturday the 15th,July - Melbourne//Pony w/Talkshow Boy + Discretion With
Weapons (ex-Twitch Of The Death Nerve)
68 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
on sale at the door only!!

Sunday the 16th,July - Sydney//Yyvone Ruve w/Chaos Math, Galluci
104a / 342 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills
ALL AGES/starts at 6 pm

and some secret show!!!

total tour info:In Finland Music,Nick Smethurst e-mail
tour & release info:tenzenmen,Shaun e-mail
release info:Phono-Statique Records,Justin Bracken e-mail

Saturday the 22th,July-
Sunday the 23th

please wait more info...

total tour info:tuung,Hong Yun Jeong e-mail

Please check smashing mag!!!

―live show in memory of Chaina(DMBQ,Shonen Knife,Rashinban,,,)―
live show in memory of Chaina
Seibu Koudo,Kyoto
PARA(Seiichi Yamamoto)/
Shonen Knife/DMBQ /sonar(from JESUS FEVER)
spectas(from M.S.A.Y.A,torico)/drillman/ULTRA BIDE
Friendly Science Orchestra /CONVEX LEVEL /golden syrup lovers
folk enough /Limited Express(has gone?) /Youcan
open 13:00 / start 14:00
charge \2,000(withiout 1 drink)

PA:PALTEC.PRO /Lighting:RYU /flyer designe:Tossi
supported by nishiki-ya

teenage riot night DVD

VA「teenage riot night DVD」
rabel : teenage riot company

Format : DVD
2006.4.19 sale

2. Limited Express(has gone?)/Free style Riding&Aloha! 
3. Receivers pon pon head/monkeyace
4. afriranpo/I Did Are
5. Oshiri Penpenzu/Hikitome otoko to saru onna
6. MELT-BANANA/ Shield for Your Eyes, A Beast in the Well on Your Hand
8. Oyatu/Spring
9. kiiiiiii/We're the BAD
10. outdoor homeless/Anna Ossan..
11. Ni-hao!/Look At That(Peach)&! Exposion
12. Dorahip/Gossip Dorahip
13. Otogi Banashi/Atenashi&Crush
14.What's see Zombi/Daibonjin Banzai


Our new mini album was released in Japan.
New sound is very pop,cute and have originality!!
Maybe you will be excited.

Sacrificial Jesus Child/Limited Express(has gone?)

Sacrificial Jesus Child (you can see this song's PV)
IQ test
Free style riding-Ryo Arai remix-
Stop&Go-RUBYOLA remix-
released from MEMORY LAB

Jesus Child PV(click here)
Illustration by YUKARI(Limited Ex)
Produced by Shin Yosimaru

Happy new year every one.
Thanks for coming our show and listening our music.
We got the wonderful experience in USA, Europe, Australia, and Korea last year.
We met many great musicians and good people.

Now we have a little relax time and writing songs.
We want to go to your contry again,of couse bringing new album!

We will release from us and Europe label this year.

Please wait to pleasure.


Limited Express (has gone?)

Our Europe tour was finished.

Thanks for Ingo,good friends and many audience..
We had nice people,place,trip and exciting show!!!
Please come in our show,because we will go back soon.
date 11/3-12/3
JJ's Diary

show@1000fryd3 and Limited Ex with Gizera

Limited Express (has gone?)
Makes You Dance! Europe tour

We will go to Europe on November.
Ingo(Germany) supproted us.
If you want to invite Limited EX in your town,Please contact to this.
Let's have special show time!!

YUKARI's Diary
JJ's Diary

03.11. Germany Braunschweig - Nexus
04.11. Denmark Aalborg - 1000 Fryd
05.11. Germany Bremen - Friesenstrasse
06.11. Germany tba
08.11. Germany Wurzburg - Cafe Cairo
09.11. Germany tba
10.11. Belgium Antwerp
11.11. Netherlands Amsterdam - OCCii
12.11. Belgium Kortrijk - the Pits
13.11. Germany Darmstadt - Oettinger Villa
15.11. Switzerland Geneve - lエ Usine
16.11. Austria Innsbruck - PMK Bogen 19
17.11. Italy Bologna
18.11. Italy Reggio Emilia - Lab 16
19.11. Italy Ancona - Thermos
20.11. Italy MIlano tba
22.11. Switzerland Basel - Hirscheneck
23.11. France Strasbourg - Molodoi
24.11. Switzerland Bern - Reitschule * Dachstock
25.11. France Clermont Ferrand - Raymond Bar
26.11. France tba
27.11. France Lyon - Bistroy
28.11. France Annecy - Matin Bleu
29.11. France Chambery - Locaux Larsen
30.11. Germany Frankfurt tba
01.12. Germany Munster - Baracke
02.12. Germany Jena - Kassablanca

supported by the company with the gorlden arm

UPDATE 05.10.18  Our USA tour was finished.
Thanks for US peole and Numbers.
We had nice people,place,trip and exciting show!!!
Please come in our show,because we will go back soon.

next Europe tour

Makes You Dance! tour with Numbers

We will have show in USA with Numbers on September.
Let's have special show time!!!

* w/xbxrx, Numbers, Mika Miko
** w/Numbers
**** w/Deerhoof / why? / Numbers
***** w/Deerhoof /Numbers

9-8 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom Of The Hill**
9-10 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo*
9-12 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock (Limited Ex main show)
w/Big Techno Werewolf and Tank Attack
9-14 - Cambridge, MA - The Middle East ****
9-15 -- Boston, MA / TBA - TBA**
9-16- New York, NY- Kill rock Stars CMJ showcase at Knitting Factory**
9-17 - Providence, RI - As220**
9-18 - Boston, MA / TBA - TBA**
9-19 - Montreal, QC - La Sala Rosa**
9-20- Toronto, ON - X-Pace**
9-21- Lansing, MI - Mac's Bar **
9-22 - Chicago, IL - Estrojam Festival @ The Bottom Lounge**
9-23 - Madison, WI - High Noon Salloon**
9-24 - Milwaukee, WI - Onopa**
9-25 - Urbana, IL - Canopy Club**
9-26 - Newport, KY - Southgate House*****
9-27 - Pittsburgh, PA - Garfield Art Works**
9-28 - Baltimore, MD - Talking Head Club **
9-29 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church **
9-30 - Brooklyn, NY - TBA**

Korkarency supports us

UPDATE  05.07.13                    LIVE CD

We sell live CD at only Live show and Mail order.
This is so loud , noisy and great.
recoreded at 101 bar in Australia.

If you want it,please send e-mail.

UPDATE  05.05.29    Thanks Australia!!!

Thanks Australia!!!
We had great time in 2nd AU tour.

We surely want to come back again!!!

special thanks to Shaun&Kyoko(Tenzenmen),Chris(Popfrenzy),the rogers sisters(from USA),
love of diagrams(from Melbourne),Mark Tuenr & Peta(Melbourne),Tim&Louise&Zac(,
Aaron&Abel(Pure evil),Koji,NAO,Ai,Vincent,Matt,Joel,Kirk&Dan&Jules(brisbane)
and many audience!!!

Big news!!!
Next Australia tour is determined.
Limited Ex come back again in Australia.

Limited Express (has gone?) return to conquer the koalas!

◆Australia tour
After the successful 2004 'samurai-koala' tour down under we will go
back in May for special show time. This time we are supporting The
Rogers Sisters (from USA) and Love of Diagrams (Melbourne, Australia).
Special show time will be short, sweet and early! DO NOT MISS IT!

MAKES YOU DANCE! oz tour 2005

may 13th friday - 2pm-4pm - live on 3cr (small audience required!),
melbourne - with vincent over the sink

may 14th saturday - 8pm - northcote social club, melbourne
supporting the rogers sisters and love of diagrams +BE EARLY+

may 14th saturday - 2am - the pony (late show), melbourne
- with the new

may 15th sunday - 8pm - bar open, melbourne - with the stabs, twitch of
the death nerve(ex-mr bungle) and vincent over the sink

may 17th tuesday - 8pm - a warehouse, somewhere in adelaide (tbc)

may 18th wednesday - 8pm - grace emily hotel, adelaide -
supporting the rogers sisters and love of diagrams +BE EARLY+

may 19th thursday - 8pm - annandale hotel, sydney -
supporting the rogers sisters and love of diagrams +BE EARLY

may 20th friday - 9pm - mandarin club, sydney - midnight special!

may 21st saturday - 8pm - the rev, brisbane -
supporting the rogers sisters and love of diagrams +BE EARLY

may 22nd sunday - 8pm - gateway hotel, newcastle sydney-
supporting my disco, with naked on the vague and poland

limited express (has gone?) have been described as almost everything and anything.
they are uncomparably unique as it often seems only the japanese can be.
"fugazi battling astro boy inside a giant strawberry coloured lava lamp",
"amazingly intense, endless cacophony, harsh melodies, psychedelic flourishes",
"the happiest, shiniest, poppiest avant rock you will ever have the pleasure of hearing."
and so it goes on... and yet the reader still has no idea how they sound! summed up
succinctly by one happy convert - "honestly, you will realise how mediocre most
bands really are when you hear them... "on their last trip to australia they came as
total unknowns and left as minor legends as the clubs began to fill and the
merchandise disappeared into happy hands.
keen to follow that success limited express (has gone?) wanted to get back here as soon
as possible and have tagged themselves on as first support for the fabulous rogers sisters
and wonderful love of diagrams! wow! this will be a whole night of intense happiness!
limited express (has gone?) have promised themselves, and you all, that despite being on
first they will not relent in their pursuit of the ultimate show time - the best new rock
show in the world can play anytime, anywhere and will MAKE YOU DANCE!



Thanks to Korea!!! Great shows and organisation.
Thanks to Tuung.

We met many nice people and good bands.
We ate lots of good food and visited nice places. Love Korea!!!
We want to go back to korea again.

Limited Ex with Rocktiger in korea

and this site has many other pictures of Limited Ex.
Please check Tuung

◆Korea tour
Apr 2nd 15:00-17:00 Freemarket, tunning for
the first promotional show
Apr 2nd 19:30-22:00 @DGBD in seoul.
Apr 3rd 19:30-22:00 @Aura in seoul.
detail info→

We are looking forward to the first South Korean show!!!

Thank you Hong Yun jeong,Rupert,Seong-min and Korean.

New information

Limited Ex 2nd ALBUM "Makes You Dance!"released.
January 19, 2005

New information

Limited Express(has gone?) goes to Austraria and New Zealand between November 20 to December 2 ,to perform for several shows.

we are already very excited,for it is the first time for us to visit there-a lot of bands who play magnificient musics there,record shops which are abandant of nice discs, and town and nature...everytihng seems fascinating!!

We are eager to be seen by as many people as who live Australia and New Zealand.

Now the music of L.E is Rock,Avant-garde,and the only one.
Let's have a special show time together!!!

Limited Ex Australia,New Zealand TOUR  

Nov 20th 8.30pm @ bowlers club, york street
supporting youth group, love of diagrams, la huva (popfrenzy show) +poster
Nov 20th late @ maggotville big bash
Nov 21st 7pm @ green square hotel (with kiosk)
Nov 22nd + ?
Nov 23rd + ?


Nov 25th @tote (with lung upc, seedy three)
Nov 26th 5.30pm @missing link instore with grey daturas +poster+
Nov 26th 9pm @pony (with twitch of the death nerve)
Nov 27th 3pm @cumbersome records instore +poster+
Nov 27th 8pm @101 bar, smith street
Nov 28th @builders arms hotel


Nov 30th @HAPPY
Dec 1st @cross bar

3way sprit-album released from
Tanzenman records of Australia.

Tanzenman records


three-way split CD (date tba)

aiming for october 2004 release

limited express (has gone?)
plat ypus


We are looking forward to Australia and New Zealand
tour New information New information very much!!!.


Soundtrack for a dream

Experiments in noise give a wake-up call to Fulcrum Records

Photo By Tom Angel
Japan's Limited Express is off and running inside Fulcrum Records.

Experimental Dental School and Limited Express (Has Gone?)
Fulcrum Records
Thurs., March 4

I don't normally mention when shows don't start on time--they never do, so why constantly repeat it? What I usually end up doing is calling ahead, which I did for last Thursday's show at Fulcrum Records. The show was set to start at nine, and at 8:40 not one band had even shown up to the venue yet, so I began to doubt things would be happening anytime soon and settled in for a much-needed nap.

Japan's Limited Express (Has Gone?) is billed as pop/rock, but even in a very loose definition that barely fits. If the band's name hasn't already tipped you off, this three-piece produces a fairly convoluted version of "pop/rock."

Descendents of the family tree of fellow countrymen The Boredoms and Melt Banana, Limited Express is similarly trying to produce a musical representation of craziness, but with less of an emphasis on volume than its predecessors. "Spy," the second song on its CD Feed You, is a good example of the basic approach, containing at least three songs spliced together, the bass, guitar and drums are all running around in a variety of tight, oddly-timed grooves, jumping from circle to circle and hitting the ground all at once in weird fuzzed-out jazz/prog passages. The craziness is schizoid but controlled, punctuated with Tourettes-like blurts of "Spy!" and "Mommy, mommy! Daddy, daddy!" throughout.

I can't say how the band members pulled this off live--by the time my weary eyes checked back in with Fulcrum they had just finished playing, but judging by the palpable astonishment in the room, it was impressive.

Half-awake or not, as soon as Experimental Dental School opened class the whole room was spastically jerking along to the carnival rock, led by ex-Chicoan Jesse Hall goading the crowd along with a call-and-response "Ola!" EDS and its funky organ-drenched dance music are a wake-up call. The basic lines aren't anything new--John Spencer Blues Explosion has been getting folks on the dance floor with same funky blues for some time now--but EDS adorns them with a Mad Max mishmash of PVC-pipe microphones and metallic vibrator slides that gives its rock an overdriven feel that veers dangerously close to tearing apart.

Limited Express (has gone?);Jinichiro Iida(G&Vocals),YUKARI(B&Voice) and Narazaki Koji(Dr&Cho).

Limited Express (has gone?) is the most exciting rock trio from Japan in the new century.They are the younger generation of the Kansai scene that produced Boredoms, Shonen Knife, Omoide Hatoba, Hanatarashi and more. They are based in Kyoto city,the old capital of Japan.These days, Kyoto is famous for new electronic music like Nobukazu Takemura, Rei Harakami and Masakatsu Takagi but Limited Express (has gone?) picked up the traditional tools of Rock'n Roll.

They just have guitar, bass, drums and voices but their chemistry for sound is so unique and fresh. It is the new century rock sound with heavy grooves and strange harmonies.After playing in Kansai and touring over the country for a few years, in 2003 the band released their first album "FEEDS YOU" on Tzadik, a US label based in New York. Visceral power pieces offset with charming female vocals, pointillism and dub effects. Striking originality and a childlike curiosity point this band towards a most exciting Japanese rock sound. It is so abstract but it is so pop at the same time.


Another eclectic rock/pop band out of the infamous Kansai scene that produced the Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba and more. This exciting young three piece unit based in Kyoto presents their debut recording after years of playing in just about every small club from Tokyo to Fukuoka. Visceral power pieces offset with charming female vocals, pointillism and dub effects. Striking originality and a childlike curiosity point this band towards a new Kyoto rock sound.
(TZADIK's comment)

Now, they are earning to know your comment over FEEDS YOU!.
And they strongly want to perform outside of Japan.
If you want to take contact with them,please click here.
They are looking forward to being able to meet you very much.