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Limited Express (has gone?) WEB

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Limited Express (has gone?) WEB
Limited Express (has gone?) WEB

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Japanese alternative punk band, Limited Express (has gone?) is speeding forward, reaching new heights with their latest album, "Tell Your Story," and making a significant impact in this chaotic era!!!

Limited Express (has gone?) releases their first full album since the joining of their new member, KOMADORI on saxophone! The album has been released via LessThanTV, which connects all of Japan through underground passages while shaking the world with their explosive sounds. The band has continued their activities even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, creating songs and performing live shows. In December 2020, they released the EP "The Sound of Silence." Packed with the spirit of current times such as the BLM movement and more, their powerful work gave courage to many listeners. Subsequently, in 2022, they released three consecutive singles: "No more Statement," "R.I.P, friends," and "INVITATION." Following the single releases of "RAMEN+RICE" and "HATER" in 2023, they have finally completed their new album "Tell Your Story."

With just a single microphone, vocalist eYou Got It! Yukari!' (a.k.a. YUKARI) lets her unrestrained and energetic vocals flow free and wild. Backing her is an aggressive beat carved by JUN TANIGUCHI (bass) and YASUNORI MONDEN (drums), while JJ (guitar) and KOMADORI (sax) overlay eccentric phrases. Their sound is based on punk and alternative and incorporates each member's musical inclinations, all whilst continuously evolving as a new style of Japanese alternative punk.

The lyrics written by YUKARI are filled with self-encouragement, anger towards the world, moments of doubt, love, and hate. While embracing a riot grrrl attitude and girl crush vibes, she exhibits a dual charm of playful yet aggressive expressions, weaving together pop sensibilities with a touch of mischief.

For this album's artwork, the band commissioned their trusted artists to listen to each song and express themselves freely. The final compilation consists of 12 unique artworks. The total production of the artwork was overseen by YUKARI and HIRATA TAKAHITO (NINJAS). Handling the sound engineering was Harai Koichi, who has worked with essential acts for their sound like BOREDOMS, SiM, BABYMETAL, and more.

Since the bandfs change in members in 2014, Limited Express (has gone?) has released various works, including limited 7-inch records, a split with "Have a Nice Day!" and a collaborative album with "2MUCH CREW." They consistently inject the music scene with a potent blend of humor, provocation, and impactful messages. Now, after navigating through the pandemic, they have completed an album that promises to make a significant impact in this chaotic era.

I was filled with excessive motivation, angered by irrational events, felt like I'm the best, and also experienced an overwhelming sense of powerlessness. I packed these 12 versions of myself-stories that could resonate with anyone-into this album.

Next, let me hear your stories after you listen to it.
And after that, let's have a blast and make a ruckus like fools, without a care in the world!
I hope something will change. Let it reach you!!
-You got it! Yukari!

Limited Express (has gone?) WEB